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Physician Directed

Look Natural. Feel Radiant.

The treatment strategies at Natural Radiance are physician-directed. 

What does being physician-directed mean? 

It means a physician is intimately involved in your treatment protocols and oversees your progress.  This stands in stark contrast  to some facilities that pay for a remote “medical director” to satisfy government regulations, but who likely has never set foot in the facility.  

Why is physician involvement important?

Physician Directed

Physicians have the most medical training of any health professional.  They are uniquely qualified to administer complex treatments and understand the impact they may have on you.  Nurses and physician-assistants are mid-level providers and many experienced ones do an adequate job, but they are not authorized to perform certain more delicate and potentially risky medical and surgical interventions.  Physicians are authorized.  The laws exist that way for a reason.  It should be no surprise that you can expect better outcomes and less complications when you are under the care of a physician.

What are the laws?

In Arizona, non-physicians are not allowed by law to own medical spas.  Legislatures in some states, like California, are moving toward banning mid-level providers from administering any medical aesthetic services without a medical director.  Some are even cracking down on the all-too-common practice of medical spas hiring remote medical directors who reside in other cites or states.  Trends like these toward more physician involvement is a good thing and one desperately needed in this industry.  Regardless, you may rest assured that your needs are being directly addressed by your physician at Natural Radiance.  

Which physician is right for you?

While all physicians are talented in their own ways, they are not all created equal.  If you are considering a surgical procedure, for example, you might want a surgeon, rather than a family practitioner or dermatologist, for example, who have relatively little surgical training.  In addition, your physician should be well-trained and experienced in what you are seeking.  Taking a weekend course does not make one an expert.  Natural Radiance’s medical director, Dr. Scott Edwards, is not only a skilled surgeon, but he is board-certified in both Aesthetics and Anti-Aging.  Do not settle for anything less.  You deserve the best and you get it at Natural Radiance.