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George Osarrah, NMP, NASM-CPT

Neuromuscular Therapist in Scottsdale, AZ

George Osarrah, NMP, NASM-CPT

"As a provider, I have always take an interest in WHY we experience pain, not just WHERE we experience it. All healing and advancement MUST take place in the nervous system, and this is why I am so successful and passionate about resolving pain, and not just managing it."

George graduated from Corinthian Colleges in 2004 as a massage therapist and body worker. There was an immediate interest in sports and deep tissue work, so he took it upon himself to further his career through medical massage practices. He has since obtained medical massage certificates through "The Science of Massage" with Dr. Ross Turchinov and focused on healing the body on a deeper level. Unfortunately, he experienced a hand and wrist injury that doctors said he would need surgery for, but he refused surgery and wanted to find other alternatives before committing to something this serious. 


In 2018, George stumbled upon the treatment he was looking to tie into his practice for so long; advanced neuromuscular therapy. He was taught by a local doctor how to perform this technique with a neural reprogramming device called the Phoenix Waveform and smart exercise therapy. He fell in love with this treatment so much that he further obtained his certificate in personal training through NASM to complete the set of education and heal on a level never imaginable. With a very special machine and intuitive exercises combined, George was able to completely reverse his injury as if it hadn't happened at all! Since specializing in this, he was able to not only master pain relief, but also learn how to reverse pain and injury for good with other patients and clients. He now focuses on this special branch of Neuromuscular therapy which is ideal for everyday workers, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those suffering from chronic and acute conditions of all sorts...basically, if it hurts, this is the solution you've been searching for!


If you do not find George doing some crazy healing somewhere, you might find him playing guitar on stage with his wife Candace Charee singing her soul off with him!  George has been a guitarist for 20+ years, toured as both cover and originals playing rock of all sorts. He also received his black belt in a Japanese martial arts in his teens and since then also practiced privately from home to keep the skill alive. Throw in hiking, biking, cooking, and exercising, and we have George Osarrah aka "The Neuro Guy. It is George's aim to see that each and every client experiences a custom treatment to specialize in only one thing, you the client. In doing so, George ensures that every treatment will always progress towards pain resolution, and will teach you how to maintain the new version of you that lives free from pain, and free from restrictions.