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Jeremiah Heartkin, CHN

Holistic Nutritionist in Scottsdale, AZ

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"I love nothing more than being a part of someone’s health journey and helping to guide them to a more vibrant self. I’m inspired by the human connection we all share and the innate desire to help and love each other."

Jeremiah Heartkin completed the holistic nutrition certification program at the Energetic Health Institute, and now teaches and helps guide current students going through the same program.  Jeremiah Heartkin specializes in guiding clients to a whole food lifestyle, while educating them on stress management tools and the energetics that run through all facets of their lives.  While being fascinated by what drives behaviour and how that is expressed from person to person, everything Jeremiah does is tailored to the individual and addresses the physical, mental, and energetic facets of their being.  He connects healthy foods to fit specific client needs and offers ways of cooking meals at home that are healthy and delicious!
Jeremiah loves music and has been drumming since his early teen years. He loves cooking healthy, vibrant meals for others, and runs a successful meal prep and delivery service! Jeremiah always wanted to be a dad and spends all his free time with his two beautiful sons and his wife/soul mate of the past 19 years.