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Teri Castillo, LE, CLT

Licensed Esthetician & Laser Technician in Scottsdale, AZ

Teri Castillo, LE, CLT

"I never knew just how rewarding it would be to me to see the improvements in my client’s skin health, look, and feel, and the exciting feedback I receive from them as they see the results for themselves."

Teri is a licensed esthetician, a licensed laser technician and laser safety officer, an oncology certified esthetician, and an acne care specialist.

Teri received her esthetics license after graduating from Bellus Academy in San Diego, California. After managing a beauty spa in San Diego, her family and travels brought her back home to Phoenix, Arizona where she continued her education and received her cosmetic laser license from Clear Skin Institute. Upon receiving her license, she managed and provided laser and esthetics services such as hair removal, skin infusions, acne facials, micro-needling, and hydrafacials at a med spa in Scottsdale.

While working there, Teri had a client who was going through cancer treatment that pulled on her heartstrings so much that she finally decided to bring focus to the specific field of esthetics she always desired to do: oncology esthetics.  She received her certification from Oncology Training International. The desire to follow this path started when Teri’s mother and aunt both went through chemotherapy, and she saw that there was a desire and need they had to maintain their beauty as they went through the changes that their cancer treatment made to their body and skin. Also, since her husband is a cancer survivor, she experienced that uplifting someone’s spirit can do so much for those who may be going through this difficult trial. Teri’s hope is that her clients will always know what matters to her most; while she is putting their beauty needs first, she will always be supportive and hopes to be an encouragement in their fight.